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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
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Chapter 1888 – Sorry, Gu Ning important jealous
He understood that Wei Chuanxun was attempting to guard him, but he possessed indeed brought difficulties to Gu Ning. If he didn’t apologize at this time, he may need to experience a much worse circumstance down the road.
Zigzag Journeys in Northern Lands
Rong Zechen definitely knew Zhang Zikai, but he didn’t count on that Gu Ning also realized her.
“Right, a girl’s standing is important a whole lot, and Gu Ning is also a celeb. Her good reputation is even more vital. If it’s affected, her firms may also be damaged. It’s simple to comprehend that she’s mad. There are several staff members depending on her to develop a dwelling!” Boy B mentioned, “Most important, she’s the target.”
Zhang Zikai didn’t make an effort to help keep the truth a mystery from Gu Ning, for the reason that she required Gu Ning as her buddy. Regardless, she didn’t know any information.
Oriental Encounters
Zhang Zikai didn’t make an effort to have the simple truth a key from Gu Ning, simply because she had taken Gu Ning as her buddy. Anyways, she didn’t know any facts.
If so, after he spotted Gu Ning’s awful att.i.tude towards Rong Zechen, he was irritated at her. If Rong Zechen was ideal or not, he held accountable Gu Ning for everything.
Right after swapping greetings, Gu Ning required Zhang Zikai, “What took place to you personally?”
Ability to hear that, Wei Chuanxun didn’t comply with Rong Zechen, and so they went along to the canteen with each other.
In fact, they weren’t fragile, and yes it wasn’t uncomplicated to be deliver.

“You can be to create a meal by yourself. I don’t possess an appet.i.te now.” Soon after experiencing what got transpired just now, Rong Zechen dropped his appet.i.te. He didn’t want to see Gu Ning from the canteen again.
Seeing and hearing that, Zhang Zikai presented noticeable fury on her face. “A couple of days prior to registration, my dad needed me and my mom to City Bao to go to wedding ceremony of a close friend of his. Nevertheless, on our in the past, we encountered a motor vehicle collision and was. .h.i.t by the substantial vehicle.
“Right, a girl’s good reputation makes a difference a whole lot, and Gu Ning is also a celebrity. Her status is all the more significant. If it’s harmed, her companies may additionally be influenced. It’s easy to undestand that she’s angry. There are many personnel counting on her to create a lifestyle!” Boy B mentioned, “Most importantly, she’s the target.”
Listening to that, Wei Chuanxun frowned. In truth, he was aware about that likewise, but he decide to part with Rong Zechen mainly because Rong Zechen was his shut sibling. Also, he required produce a good associations.h.i.+p with Rong Zechen very, so he defended Rong Zechen for no reason.
“Chuanxun, truly I don’t are in agreement with yourself on that. Though Zechen attended issue Yuan Shuyan for Gu Ning’s great. It’s his final decision without her deal in the end. It provides nothing at all regarding Gu Ning, but Gu Ning needs to bring the blame all things considered. She’s the victim, whilst Zechen has caused the trouble on her behalf, so Zechen should apologize,” stated Boy A.
“You will go to get a dinner yourself. I don’t offer an appet.i.te now.” Just after experiencing what experienced taken place just now, Rong Zechen suddenly lost his appet.i.te. He didn’t need to see Gu Ning on the canteen once more.
When Gu Ning and her close friends kept, she introduced Piece of music Miaoge, Baili Zongxue, and Zhang Zikai to at least one yet another.
If he apologized now, he will be humiliated in public. On the other hand, if he happened to run away, his reputation could well be greatly broken.
Wei Chuanxun was selfish and simply cared about his own added benefits and emotions all things considered.
In fact, they weren’t weak, also it wasn’t quick to make them deliver.
“Sure.” Gu Ning didn’t consult further more about this for now.
“Zechen…” Wei Chuanxun want to avoid Rong Zechen from leaving behind, but a different two boys quit him.
“We can talk about it later. Now let’s concentrate on your problem,” reported Zhang Zikai. She cared a little more about the drama Gu Ning was involved with at the moment.
“Let him be alone for a time,” claimed a son.
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Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai had been both people in the high community, yet they didn’t know each other until now. Piece of music Miaoge stayed within the military camp a lot of her time, so she only recognized some people of the significant community.
If so, one time he noticed Gu Ning’s terrible att.i.tude towards Rong Zechen, he was irritated at her. If Rong Zechen was right or maybe not, he blamed Gu Ning for almost everything.
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In that case, once he observed Gu Ning’s awful att.i.tude towards Rong Zechen, he was upset at her. No matter whether Rong Zechen was ideal or maybe not, he held responsible Gu Ning for everything.
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Rong Zechen definitely recognized Zhang Zikai, but he didn’t assume that Gu Ning also was aware her.
“Let him be alone for quite a while,” claimed a boy.
He realized that Wei Chuanxun was wanting to fight for him, but he acquired indeed introduced trouble to Gu Ning. If he didn’t apologize right this moment, he might have to face a worse scenario later on.
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Even though the Zhang household wasn’t as influential being the Rong family members and it also was just another-rate family of ability whilst the Rong loved ones had been a top rated family of power, Zhang Zikai’s grandpa was from an additional top notch group of electrical power.
“You…” Wei Chuanxun attempted to fight for Rong Zechen, because he experienced which everybody was pushing Rong Zechen to apologize to Gu Ning.
“However, due to the fact I had been knocked in the liquid, I shed my cell phone. I couldn’t speak to you can either. I listened to from my father the fact that motor vehicle accident isn’t an automobile accident, but a scheme. He didn’t inform me aspects, and so i don’t know much regarding it.”
Section 1888: Sorry, Gu Ning

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